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Express Title Company provides full service title and closing services throughout Illinois and Iowa. ETC is an agent for Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. ETC provides title insurance, title searches, and title opinions in any Illinois or Iowa location.

Your privacy and comfort are important to us. In a typical closing, the closing agent jams everyone into the same room with the purchasers--sellers, sellers' attorney, sellers' real estate agent, in addition to your real estate agent, your loan officer, and your attorney. This makes it difficult for you to hear the explanations of the important documents you are being asked to sign. It makes it difficult for you to ask sensitive questions about your finances, or problems with the property or the sellers. It makes it difficult to have a meaningful discussion regarding your credit, and your financing, your rights, your obligations, the property, and what is likely the biggest financial transaction of your life.

We put the sellers and their entourage in a separate room for your benefit. They are close by, so if any questions arise, they are nearby to ask. We are the only closing agent in the area that offers this service on a regular basis. It is our belief that this is an important financial transaction for you, not a social event. You should not have to worry about your private financial information being shared or exposed to others. You also should have the opportunity to ask questions about your transaction without being concerned about the sellers or their representatives being in the same room.

Our office is conveniently located near Southpark Mall, and we have plenty of free, off-street parking, comfortable and relaxing surroundings, and accessible accommodations.

We conduct our business with your convenience, comfort, and privacy in mind.

Keep in mind that you can select your closing agent. Illinois law allows you to purchase your title insurance from any licensed title agent you select. Some lenders will try to "steer" you to their preferred closing agent. If your lender tries to prevent you from selecting your own closing agent, let us know, and we can assist you.

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